Hi and welcome on my website! My name is David Briard, I am a french photographer, specialized in landscape and cityscape photography. Living near Paris, my portfolio features a wide range of photography of the City of Lights.


Entirely self-taught, my passion for photography began in 2008 after I discovered a website called Flickr. Inspired by talented artists, I bought my first camera, a Pentax K10D, and I started reading everything I could to learn the basics, mainly from blogs and books, and then putting into practice in the field. Soon, I discovered a particular interest for landscape and natural light.

Approach to photography

Being outdoor and capturing the beauty of nature under a dramatic light is what I like most! I always try to improve my technique to be ready for all sorts of subjects or different lighting situations. In the field, I put a special care into getting everything right into the camera, rather than relying on computer manipulation afterwards; that's why I use equipment such as filters to control contrast or prolong exposure times. Once I have found a great potential composition, I like to experiment under different light settings or at a different time of year, until I am totally happy with the photo.


I photograph in RAW format and process my images using Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC. I try as much as possible to get everything right into the camera and only make subtle adjustments in Lightroom to keep a natural look to my photos. When I am faced with a scene that exceeds the dynamic range or the depth of field of my camera, I will manually blend several images in Photoshop using techniques such as luminosity masking or focus staking to overcome technical limitation of my gear. I also rely on Photoshop to stitch images for panoramas and to clone-stamp artifacts on my photos.

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